Feature, 72min
VS, 2020

Director: Patrick Picard
Cast: Annalise Basso, Joe Adler, Liam Aiken
Genre: Horror, Thriller

A childhood friendship is put to the test in a Lynchian mystery in which dream, fantasy and reality blend into a hazy cloud.

Dispossessed young Francis agrees to take care of his wealthy and now ill childhood friend JP. In JP’s mysterious home, he finds himself trapped in an isolated world, fearful of the man’s mysterious twin sister. In this sinister environment, the childhood friendship is put to the test. Dream, fantasy and reality blend into a hazy cloud in Lynchian mystery. 

While we never see enigmatic sister Vivian, first time director Patrick Picard provides a third character in the form of the modernist house where JP lives. The long, narrow corridors and the permanently drawn curtains provide a claustrophobic atmosphere as the camera captures these in static takes from a long distance. As the film progresses, the initial realism makes way for an unsettling Lynchian atmosphere where dream, fantasy and reality all blend into a hazy sense of place and events. After reaching its dramatic conclusion, an unsettling coda sums up the relationship between the two men.