A Singaporean care worker is confronted with the dementia of her boss and the demons from her own life in intimate horror with mystical touches. 

Singaporean Evelyn is a care worker for elderly Dena in her Texas home. She needs to deal with Dena’s dementia and her trouble with her nephew Amos. With the burden on Evelyn mounting, she herself starts hearing and seeing things. Is she losing it as well? Unfinished family business creates intimate horror with mystical touches. 

The title Sanzaru refers to the three monkeys that don't see, hear and speak and everything in this intimate horror mystery revolves around unfinished family business. It is an intimate film that plays with genre elements from both the west and Asia. As the film progresses, Evelyn’s family connections are revealed, including her relation to Amos. Dena’s son Clem, a war veteran who lives in a trailer, has his own secrets and then there is Dena’s late husband as well.  Director Xia Magnus manages to keep a lot of the mystery intact and gives the film space to breathe while working towards a moving resolution. 

Drama, Horror, Thriller
100 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Xia Magnus
Alina Dumlao, Justin Arnold