A young girl will face a myriad of dangers to reunite with her adoptive polar bear mother in this inventive and violent epic. 

Sumi and her adoptive polar bear mother live in the frozen wasteland, guided by the light of the northern star. When their paths cross with that of a group of warrior women and Sumi’s mother is kidnapped, the young girl utilizes all her wit and skills to get her back. 

Reinventing the familiar tropes of apocalyptic movies by thinking of a world without any technology or recognizable language, KC Carthew’s refreshing odyssey movie also features top notch performances from a game cast including a real live polar bear. Bloody and unrelenting with eye-popping stunts, Polaris uses breath-taking location work to create a bloody battlefield on which territorial clashes happen often and violently. Add a touch of emotion and magic to the mix and what you have is a concoction that would make the father of the genre George Miller proud. 

90 minuten
no dialogues
(English ondertiteld)
Kirsten Carthew