A successful corporate worker reconnects with her past, in a heartwarming, beautifully crafted animated film. 

Rosa is a successful corporate worker, climbing the ladder of the corporate hierarchies. The death of her grandfather, whom she rarely saw, leads her back to the Portuguese countryside - a place infested with demons and old feuds. There, she challenges her idealized image of her grandfather and his demons.    

My Grandfather’s Demons is a heartwarming and beautifully crafted story centering on traditional values, the speed of contemporary life and buried family histories. The film mixes 2D computer animation with stop motion claymation, inspired by the clay figures of Portuguese ceramist Rosa Ramalho. Other artwork, from local costumes to the design of cabins and mills, evokes a world that Rosa is no longer part of. In this blend of family history and local folklore, the demons in the film aren’t malicious nor particularly scary, they are simply remnants of an unresolved past. Once Rosa gets to confront these demons, the bittersweet resolve is both painful and uplifting.    

85 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Nuno Beato