Feature, 95min
VS, 2020
Engels, Hindi

Director: Eric Schultz
Cast: Dana Ashbrook, Paton Ashbrook, Sathya Sridharan
Genre: Drama, Horror, Science fiction, Thriller

A mad scientist works on a machine to influence consciousness, in a brainy sci-fi in which the hero and villain are one.

Sweaty, malnourished and nervous, Ethan is teaching classes and working on his biggest experiment: trying to influence human consciousness. He’s alienated all his colleagues and lost his girlfriend Abbi. He also keeps having blackouts and after trying out his latest hypothesis, Ethan ends up with more of himself than he had bargained for. Brainy sci-fi, in which the mad scientist is both hero and villain.

There is a lot to like in Eric Schultz’s debut feature. Through inventive use of the setting, which combines the interior of Ethan’s house, security camera footage and neat looking in-brain liquid visuals, he makes the most of the modest budget. The story is told from Ethan’s narrow perspective, keeping you guessing about what's real and what's invented by Ethan, and the clever editing makes you look for clues to see if the science of the film really holds up. The real confrontation in Minor Premise takes place internally, both inside Ethan’s basement laboratory and inside his brain. It is this world in which the mad scientist is both hero and villain.