The pursuit of a serial killer will force a cop to face the darkest truths about his country in a murder-mystery that takes a deep dive into the heart of darkness that plagues us all. 

In the late 1970s, a group of young cops lead by ex-musician turned detective Vicente Rangel will face the darkest minutes of their lives while attempting to catch a serial killer of young girls in a corrupt oil town in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Mario Muñoz’s adaptation of Martin Solares’ novel (alongside Solares himself) is a police procedural of the best kind: starting with a central mystery, that of the identity of ‘El Chacal’ the serial killer targeting young girls in an oil town in Mexico in the 70s, the film then veers off into darker territory, becoming an examination of the state of nation, much like Marshland from Spain a number of years back. Blessed by a dedicated performance by Leonardo Ortizgris as the young lieutenant who wants to solve the case correctly, surrounded by colleagues and a system more determined to keep the status quo, The Black Minute is a handsomely shot, brutal thriller that delivers on a thrill-ride that is both brilliant in its intensity and sickening in its unblinking gaze determined to show the rot at the heart of the corrupt system. Bold, brilliant and beautiful. 

96 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Mario Muñoz