A young girl uses her burgeoning clairvoyant powers to intervene in her parents' troubled past. 

Young Vicky doesn't get along with other kids: she prefers the company of her mother and playing in the wooded corners of the playground. When her aunt Julia moves in after a stint in prison, the mood and dynamics in the house shift. What really happened between Julia and her parents?  

Bursting with atmosphere, the magical-realist fairytale that is Les cinq diables utilises the natural mysticism of the mountains and the unspoken ties between women as undercurrents for a touching and tragic story of sisterhood, growing up, forgiveness and letting go. Writer-director Leá Mysius has upped her writing game since her debut feature Ava (she also helped pen Claire Denis' Stars at Noon) and infuses her characters with so much warmth that you will be rooting for each of them by the end. And then there's thát karaoke version of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Come on now.  

100 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Lea Mysius