John Waters meets Todd Solondz in a tender and gruesome story of a tender, loving and toxic relationship. 

Mateo is a young man living with his dominant mother, who uses her ties to Mateo as a way to control him and her own life. When Mateo finds out that his estranged father is dying and wants to go and see him, both their lives plunge into uncertainty and chaos. 

In 2017, Eduardo Casanovas Skins (Pieles) took the Méliès d’argent at Imagine and five years later, he is back with a terrifying and tender film, bathed in every shade of pink under the sun. It’s like a tragicomic Todd Solondz story, wrapped in the style of John Waters. The co-dependency of mother and son is echoed in the daily news from North Korea, where a grieving nation needs to part from their leader. This extra layer emphasizes the allegorical and artificial nature of La Piedad. It is a delightful, bizarre and gruesome peek into an intense, loving and toxic relationship, in which parting is really dying. 

82 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Eduardo Casanova