Near-future dystopia sees workers controlled by an invisible force, in stunningly looking and highly original sci-fi that plays like a mix of Brazil and Stalker. 

In a near-future dystopia, under primitive conditions, a group of workers is dominated and controlled by an anonymous surveillance. When one of the workers contracts a mysterious disease, he starts to question the system. In his efforts to contact the authorities, he descends into a darkness he could not have imagined.  Stunningly looking and highly original sci-fi plays like a mix of Brazil and Stalker. 

In Erdem Tepegoz’s dystopian future, the workers succumb to something that is non-human, punishing and unforgiving. By doing so, they are as anonymous as the system that keeps them in tow. They live in a prison that operates on the premise of prisoners being constantly watched until they internalize their inner guards and start policing themselves. 
Almost an extra character in the film is the fantastic backdrop of dilapidated factories and deserted, crumbled down buildings. This is enhanced by great lighting and visual work, with the camera gliding through narrow corridors, over crumbling staircases, towards rusty doors and run down machines. The future, it seems, is not about progress but about regressing to a dark past over and over again. 

Science fiction
94 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Erdem Tepegoz
Ahmet Melih Yilmaz, Numan Acar, Vedat Erincin