A pregnant woman believes a malevolent spirit is after her baby, in layered, psychological horror. 

Valerie is over the moon to learn that she is pregnant. But soon she starts to believe that she is cursed by a malevolent spirit, that wants her baby. Her friends and family dismiss her stories as coming from ordinary pregnancy fears. But Valerie won’t let go of the idea.   

The story of Michelle Garza Cervera’s debut feature comes from her grandmother, and the moral judgment she had to suffer when she openly doubted her maternity. Valerie’s own fears and obsessions are exacerbated by her middle-class husband Raúl and her conservative family. Memories of a wilder old life are rekindled when Valerie meets her former lover Octavia and amidst all the social pressure, she must face her fears and demons to decide who she really wants to be. Local customs and magic are blended with the stress of modern life and the script adds a layer with every twist, right up to the beautifully ambiguous ending. 

100 minuten
Peru, Mexico
(English ondertiteld)
Michelle Garza Cervera