Welcome to the world architectured out of a dream which a colorful gumball could be dreaming in a gumball disposal at your local arcade. Gumbal Dreams is a one-of-a-kind live VR experience hosted by a real life actor, guiding you through an exclusive journey, shaped by your own actions.  

You have been called by a non-binary alien creature named Onyx to a mythical planet on which they live out their final days.Together with two companions, you are asked to help Onyx transition from this reality to the next. However, before you’re allowed to do that, the weight of your spirit must be assessed. If found ready, you shall embark upon the journey of a lifetime, skipping among the stars, floating above the spheres, and rediscovering who you are. Placing audiences in alien avatars within a fantastical space allows those who participate to step outside of themselves and see their lives from a fantastically imaginative outside perspective.  

60 minuten
Deirdre V. Lyons, Christopher Lane Davis