An Easter weekend turns into a nightmare for a teenage girl, in claustrophobic, tight and unnerving domestic horror.  

Frustrated by her weight, 15-year-old Simi spends the Easter holidays in the home of her aunt Claudia, a renowned nutritionist. But Claudia gives her a cold welcome and she shares a room with her creepy nephew Filipp. With Easter approaching, secrets are revealed and tensions reach a boiling point.   

Chaptered in the days running up to the Easter weekend, Family Dinner is told from the perspective of Simi. She tries to find out what is going on in this strange household and first time director Peter Hengl keeps his cards close to his chest, almost right until the final scene. The mystery is heightened by the family members who tell their stories to Simi, while none of them seem reliable. Like her, the audience cannot know who to trust and what information is real. Easter has rarely been as chilling and claustrophobic as in this tight and unnerving domestic horror.  

96 minuten
(English ondertiteld)
Peter Hengl