A director goes on a search for the truth behind the disappearance of her brother in an intense debut film showing the horrors of our time. 

Director Aisha and her DoP Elias are working on a documentary about the asylum centre from which Aisha’s brother disappeared some years earlier. When they visit the centre, they find another camera crew already inside, working on an even more disturbing story. Meanwhile, their sources inside the centre offer no information. 

In his first feature film, Ruben Broekhuis uses current events and details based on true stories and moulds them into a modern horror film. The fact that Aisha and her brother are both refugees adds a personal and urgent aspect to Aisha’s search. Broekhuis makes clever use of the kind of images we know from found footage horror, without succumbing to that format completely. The result is an intense, tightly shot film, showing the horrors of our time and our society.  

76 minuten
Spaans, Nederlands, Engels
(English ondertiteld)
Ruben Broekhuis