Loner takes care of a troubled young woman in atmospheric cat-and-mouse horror from Ireland. 

When loner Isaac is asked to take care of a troubled young woman living on a deserted Irish island, he reluctantly takes on the job. His own scrambled mind could use some peace and quiet too. But the house, the woman and the questionable working conditions soon get to his head. Tons of atmosphere in this cat-and-mouse horror nightmare.

First-time director Damian McCarthy knows what a small-scale horror film needs: tons of atmosphere, a single scary location and a creepy drumming bunny toy (WTF!). Caveat delivers all three: a solidly designed and wonderfully murky nightmare that slams the door behind you and doesn't let you leave.

Horror, Thriller
88 minuten
Damian McCarthy
Ben Caplan, Conor Dwane, Jonathan French, Leila Sykes