Low-fi, grimy slasher about a group of sex workers working at a truck stop lot near the Bible belt.  

Montana is on the brink of the Bible belt. This is where the 'lot lizards' dwell: young sex workers offering truck drivers on the long haul a quick fix. When ex-cult member Remy arrives, a ruthless killer starts offing truckers and lot lizards one by one over a single Christmas. 

A slice of real Americana with European sensibilities, Candy Land mixes Gus van Sant's My Own Private Idaho with Rob Zombie's The Devils Rejects and a bit of exploitation for possibly the most naturalistic slasher film you've ever seen. It's sleazy and daring, but strangely moving and pure at the same time. Director John Swab knows his way around the arena and the actors infuse this grimy religious horror story with some much-needed heart.  

92 minuten
John Swab