Artificial Intelligence is all around us: from corona apps to TikTok and from facial recognition to deep fakes. While AI is defining us, we should not forget to ask who is defining AI – and with what results: AI that is caring and creative or biased and dangerous?

During this event we follow up on the questions raised by the documentary Coded Bias, screening at Imagine. This film confronts us with the dark sides of AI and features – amongst others – scientist Joy Buolamwini. Buolamwini researches racial bias in facial recognition algorithms and started the Algorithmic Justice League in the US. With Marleen Stikker and Stefania Milan we try to grasp the true ‘intelligence’ of AI and its impact on our democratic societies.
Marleen Stikker is founder and director of the Waag Society and former ‘mayor’ of De Digitale Stad. At the moment, she is on the board of Public Spaces, a coalition working on the internet as a public space. 
Stefania Milan is Associate Professor of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Her work explores the interplay between digital technology, activism and governance, with a focus on infrastructure and political agency. 

90 minuten