Maja, a Danish has-been actress, falls in love with Leah, a Jewish academic from London who suffers from mysterious seizures. Following Leah back home, Maja discovers that an overbearing mother is not the only presence that she will have to compete against to keep the girl in her life.   

Attachment is an atmospheric chamber piece for four magnificent actors and a sinister spirit which seamlessly blends the touching, and funny with the deeply uncanny. It's a story of two women having motherly feelings for a girl who for some reason is in arrested development. This maternal menage a trois is a fantastic mix of dark mysticism and life-affirming humour present in Jewish tradition. It’s one of these rare full-bodied gems where emotions feel real, the chills go down your spine, and a smile appears on your face, while everything that the cast does on screen rings true.  

105 minuten
Engels, Deens
(English ondertiteld)
Gabriel Bier Gislason