Elderly couple use supernatural forces to bring their dead grandson back in original horror comedy with endearing and emotional touches. 

An elderly couple lost their grandson Jackson in a car accident. With the help of an ancient spellbook, they try to bring Jackson back to life. But then, of course, you can't ask too much of demons without expecting some nasty consequences. Original horror comedy blends its darker sides with endearing and emotional touches. 

Much of the fun of this film is in the details: the elderly couple (well cast with Julian Richings opposite Sheila McCarthy) practicing a simple spell just to see if the book works and the use of the local Community Center for the Satanic rituals. In the second half of the film, these droll and mundane elements make way for a darker tone, although the film never loses sight of the slightly absurd nature of the couple’s endeavour. But director Justin Dyck also portrays the sadness and despair of the couple over the loss of their grandson, adding endearing and emotional shades to the overall light tone of the story.  

Comedy, Horror
97 minuten
Justin Dyck
Julian Richings, Konstantina Mantelos, Sheila McCarthy