A westernized son confronts his traditional family in slow-burning Russian folk horror with rural and indigenous mysticism.

Aisin lives with his parents on a remote farm. His debt-ridden brother Timir wants his father to sell the farm to pay them off. When he visits the farm, tensions rise quickly and after their father suffers a stroke, it appears that there are forces at work in the area. Rural and indigenous mysticism woven into slow burning folk horror. 

This second feature from director Kostas Marsaan takes place in the isolated Sakha region in the far eastern corner of Russia. The sense of isolation and foreboding is set in the opening sequence that takes place in the 19th century. Fast forward to the present and little seems to have changed. Marsaan juxtaposes the family and the westernized Timir - with a European Russian wife - to great effect. His contempt for their lifestyle is immediately clear, but it’s the family that holds their own and Timir who has overplayed his hand. In the final act, the family story is transformed into mystical horror and the slow burning build-up fully pays off.

Drama, Horror, Thriller
87 minuten
Yakut, Russisch
(English ondertiteld)
Kostas Marsaan
Borislav Stepanov, Marina Vasilyeva, Matrena Kornilova