IVF-X: Breed and Meet your Cyborg Baby
Saturday 16 October – Sunday 31 October
Daily 17:30 – 22:00h
Weekends from 13:00 h

Note: this programme works with time slots of 20 minutes each. 


IVF-X: Breed and Meet Your Cyborg Baby

In this interactive VR installation by Victorine van Alphen, you will be able to create and meet your cyborg baby.

In the future, what will it mean to breed or reproduce if it is no longer a biological matter but an offspring of choice and technology?

Speculating on the future of human reproduction, philosopher and artist Victorine van Alphen developed a hybrid reality in which you can breed & meet your own ‘personalized’ cyborg baby. Is it a Clinic? An institution? An immersive reality ritual? An audio-visual installation? A procedural performance? A glimpse into a possible future? IVF-X is all of the above.

After an intimate intake, you will encounter your cyborg baby in hybrid reality, digitally grown for you, based on your choices. This futuristic installation speculates on the procedures used by real IVF clinics for artificial insemination (IVF=In Vitro Fertilization) combining it with VFX (visual effects) to explore our most intimate reproductive desires & dilemmas.

IVF-X is best experienced as a pair, though not necessarily as a couple in real life. The experience lasts about 20 minutes.