Power to the People!

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  The People vs George Lucas

Several countries now have online platforms where makers and fans get together to make film projects happen by investing money and/or expertise. The Finnish sciencefiction film Iron Sky, scheduled for release in 2012, is being made that way. Director Timo Vuorensola, also founder of the online platform Wreckamovie, will explain all during the symposium. Another aspect of the digital revolution is that film fan culture is no longer limited to passively enjoying whatever Hollywood has to offer. Fans of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings build on the fantasy worlds that George Lucas and Peter Jackson created and post the results online. As long as they don’t make money from it, they don’t have to worry about legal consequences.

Fan culture is also the focus of the documentary The People vs. George Lucas by director Alexandre Philippe. Why are the fans angry with the creator of their Star Wars? The film as well as its director – also a guest in Amsterdam – will clarify. Zachary Oberzan has some explaining to do as well. In his own apartment, spending no more than 95 dollars, the New Yorker shot a one-man version of First Blood, titled Flooding with Love for the Kid. Why? Oberzan: ‘I just threw away the whole notion of the system. I wasn’t going to wait for anyone’s permission anymore to be an actor and filmmaker.’ The writer of the original book wasn’t asked for permission either, even though he later gave his enthusiastic blessing to this ultimate example of rebelliou industriousness.

The Dutch contribution to the symposium is from director Martin Koolhoven who encountered the ‘power of the people’ last year. His hit film Winter in Wartime was edited back to 60-second versions on occasion of the Nederlands Film Festival.

Power to the People!
Wed 13 to Sat 23, Kriterion 1, 2 & 3

Symposium Power to the People!
Sun 17, 2.00 PM, Kriterion 1 | free entrance In addition to the symposium the Lord of the Rings-inspired fan film The Hunt for Gollum will be screened. Followed by a presentation of online production platform CineCrowd.