And the winners are...

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  Phil van Tongeren maakt de Black Tulip Award bekend: Bedevilled van Jang Cheol-soo.Foto: Maarten Groen 
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  Slotspeech zakelijk leider Liselotte van der Burgt. Foto: Maarten Groen 
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On Saturday April 23rd, the closing night of Imagine: 27th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, the winners of the following festival awards were announced:

The Black Tulip jury, consisting of Gijs Kerbosch (filmmaker/owner production company 100% Halal); Yvonne van Ulden, (creative director Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival) and Coen van Zwol (film critic NRC), awarded the Black Tulip 2011, the Imagine jury award, to:

BEDEVILLED by South Korean filmmaker JANG Cheol-soo

From the jury report: “A powerful, disturbing revenge movie about isolation, exploitation and indifference on a small island off the coast. A film of harsh, conventional contrasts – friendship and betrayal, engagement and indifference, the emptiness of the city versus de peer pressure of the village –that works so well because it patiently stretches our ability to tolerate callousness and cowardice to its very limits. Rarely does so much blood bring so much relief as in the final of Bedevilled by Jang Cheol-soo.”

Director JANG Cheol-soo thanked the festival for the award in a video message.

The award is an object created by artist Paul van Fessem and a certificate.

Méliès Awards

The Méliès jury, consisting of André Bergs (animator/winner Golden Méliès nomination for best short Imagine 2010); Nicole van Nierop (actress New Kids Turbo/writer) and Floortje Smit (film critic De Volkskrant), awarded the Silver Méliès 2011 for Best European Fantastic Film at Imagine to:

BALADA TRISTE DE TROMPETA by Spanish filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia

From the jury report: “Balada triste de trompeta (is) an eccentric film that doesn’t really fit any genre label. It’s just as much a horror about two murderous clowns, as it is a romantic drama, as it is a satire about Spain under Franco. Made out of fury, by a filmmaker who doesn’t only want entertain – or maybe doesn’t want to entertain at all. He combines explosions of baroque violence with beautiful imagery you won’t easily forget.”
Director Álex de la Iglesia also thanked the festival in a video message. Balada triste de trompeta can be seen in Dutch cinemas from April 28th.

Additionally, the Méliès jury awarded the nomination for the Golden Méliès in the category Best Short European Fantastic Film to SUGAR by Dutch filmmaker Jeroen Annokkeé.
From the jury report: “As far as we were concerned, one film stood head and shoulders above the others. It’s a well-made film, surprising and funny from the first until the last minute, and it benefits from a very good sense of timing.”

Jeroen Annokkée was present to receive his award personally.

The Méliès Awards, named after the French film pioneer Georges Méliès (1861-1938), are an initiative of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF). More information on the EFFFF can be found on

Sp!ts Silver Scream Award

The IMAGINE: 27th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival audience award, the Sp!ts Silver Scream Award, was won by THE PERFECT HOST by Nick Tomnay.
Runner up in the public vote for the Sp!ts Silver Scream Award was SUPER by James Gunn, and third place went to INSIDIOUS by James Wan.